• The Friendly Dolphin of the Persian Gulf

    I had run into a German tourist a few years back and asked about the places she had visited in Iran. She gave me the typical list of cities: Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, and Kashan, but she also mentioned Mars. I thought I heard wrong, so I asked for clarification, and she told me that she visited Qeshm which felt like she had landed on Mars.

  • The Lions and Their Tamer

    In every human heart, there exists a lion. In some, this inner lion is sleeping and won’t be awaken, but in others the lion is wide awake and alert and leads the heart to the journey of love. In fact, all around the world, it is believed that this love and quest is clenched between the lion’s teeth. It’s where growth and flourishing happens and the truth is born. Parviz Tanavoli is undoubtedly one of those whose inner lion is awake and roams the endless plains of art, passing through the darkest and most insecure situations and has achieved great mastery. He has dug his hand in Iran’s earth and pulled out beauty and significance out of its depth. He is the one who has travelled to the mountains and plains and preserved mythology. A presentation of his many various works on Persian lions and their historical influence in the art of Iran made me want to share a quick preview of this legendary creature and its artist tamer!

  • Lapui Town, Practical Example of Sustainable Development

    Although Sustainable Development is not a new concept, recent interests have grown in the area. It directs us as to how we should change the process of systems we live in to increase the quality of life and is discussed at universities and conferences and mentioned in scientific articles.

  • Migration, the living way of Iranian ASAYER

    Bakhtiaris are the other large and famous tribal confederacies in Iran. They speak a type of Lori dialect and live in towns, villages and nomadic territories of the central parts of the lofty Zagros mountain range; Chahar Mahal-o-Bakhtiari, Khuzestan, Lorestan and Isfahan province.