• See You in Iran, a Hostel for Everyone

    It may not look like an inn, indeed, one could be mistaken for thinking they were in their own home. Yet whether or not you are Iranian, and no matter on which floor you stay, to be a guest at the "See you in Iran" hostel will come with surprises. Here one can have all the comforts of home. See you in Iran is a truly unique guest-house within Iran. A hostel operated by a team of 30 highly educated young people employed on the basis of their care and understanding of sociocultural complexities.

  • Pottery's Evolution

    In addition to playing childish games in its dusty warm streets, Khuzestan (province) had us playing on hills that we later realized had cultural value. Given our young age, we didn’t know that these hills and a lot of pottery pieces at our feet belonged to ancient times.